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Consulting, Marketing, Expertise

With the majority participation at the Romanian seal manufacturer „Seal Manufacturing & Systems r.o.l.“ the POHL-BMG mainly takes care of the administration and the strategic orientation of the Romanian company, which does already enjoy a remarkable success in export sales.

The consulting in export marketing comprises the whole range of marketing activities, such as the compilation of target specifications for product development, market research including analysis, acquisition of customers, and forming of a sales team.

The confidence our main customer has in us is based on our substantial experience and know-how:


At the start of our marketing activities, in the nineteen-seventies, we had the opportunity to carry out a project with the support of Ernest Dichter, in particular with the Zurich branch of his „Institute for Motivational Research“.

In the nineteen-eighties we concentrated on the export marketing of patented new product developments in the overseas markets North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Since the nineteen-nineties we are heavily engaged in the development of Latin America, Middle East and Russia for the market entry of machinery for the production of seals. In 2009, the participation in the development activities of a new machine generation was added to our activities, followed by the first marketing steps into the emerging markets of Africa. www.seal-maker.com